Thursday, November 21, 2013

| Zepha's work in details |

Zepha's fun spirit and love of life can be seen in these exclusive photos from the artist and the photography team of Graff Me Lebanon

You can check the first story about Zepha's piece here: War

You can see different flops/tags of Zepha's in very secret places, I believe we should go on a hunt, I don't even know where these photos were taken from, but I remember that at a certain time, we were all looking for him, and we couldn't find him, that's what he was doing!

How it started

How it ended

The final perfect touch

His unique signature in detail

This has to be in a forgotten place

It seems Lawyers didn't mind his artwork

The flag is waving for our unity

Calligraphy and children of beirut @Chabibeh sporting club they supported all the artists by transforming their school into a graffiti museum in Ain el Remeneh

Special thanks to Marianne Bel, without whom, this project would've never happened, she was our mother in this project, holding all of our hands, artists and organizers, thank you Marianne for everything!

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