Tuesday, November 19, 2013

| Destruction |

| Destruction |

For Erwan,

We never thought of destructing the destruction... but we did eventually. We destructed the destruction but not to forget the ugliness of this war, just to do it again if we have to...

And to sell ourselves as good leaders, not war criminals...

I was 8 when my parents decided to come back to Lebanon, living abroad like many of my fellow citizens.

The moment I came back here, the first scenes I saw were buildings bombed with missiles, full of bullet holes, destroyed, ugly and again... very real, it was so impressive, that I had a very intense feeling, as if I was listening to miles "kind of blue" album, smooth, deep and extremely painful at the same time, it was "kind of beautiful"... sadly.

This blog post shares a feeling, what this artist feels in his work, is what we, lebanese, have always felt in time of wars, the only result of any war, is, destruction.

Sadly, we do not have history books that give us a clear idea about our civil war, so we targeted a public school, in Ain el Remeneh, the exact place of the beginning of the civil war with a bus massacre and where history should be taught. It is in this context that we showed them a glimpse of what war has done to us, these kids need to know, and the artist Katre happily helped us.

Katre is a french artist from Paris, he came to Beirut during the graff me lebanon project (Graff Me Lebanon )

His work, coincides a lot with the destructive spirit of Beirut back then during war and post-war times, so he offered us this beautiful piece in Chafic Seid public school, so that we never forget our past, so that we never forget that destruction flows from hate;


with "Lively city"

See the magic below

Photos courtesy of Katre

Special thanks to the Chabibeh sporting club who provided the artist with the location and all the help needed, they manage this school and try to make it a better place for these kids.

Thank you Katre for this amazing work in Ain el Remeneh

A final Shot showing the whole area:

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