Tuesday, November 19, 2013

| War |


It is a war I tell you...

A war of walls.

This unfinished battle we started years and years ago (since prehistory), we have been marking our walls, whether in caves or on public spaces today, this war is endless, we, have yet to understand, art and graffiti jumps to one conclusion: Let us disturb some people...

Maybe you are not aware of it, maybe you think its useless, maybe you think its childish, but these colors changes everyone's daily life, and trust me, for the better, so lets assume and start spreading, instead of playing a war of power, let us play a war of walls, its better, less risky for our lives and it calls for survival (Marking your name on the wall might be a way to leave a trace or just to color your city)

I start this blog today because of unfinished business, a business I have promised to complete to the walls of my city, 

It was on a rainy night, here in beirut, I was looking at them, these tags, graffiti, paintings, pieces from unknown writers, and I said to myself: "this is real, it speaks of a truth" so I promised them, literally, the unknown artists that passed through our city: "you will be remembered"

And then I forgot, but today a bomb exploded in the suburb of my city, around 25 people died and 100+ got injured for no reason, so immediately, some of my city's walls spoke to me and told me: "spread the word, tell them, tell them what we are doing here! they are hurting us! they need to know!" 

So basically, in my mind, that was it, it's time, so, i decided to share what I see

And I start today with a piece from an artist known as Zepha, he is from Toulouse in France, and is part of a project called Graff Me Lebanon that occurred last week (https://www.facebook.com/Graffmelebanon)

"Unity" by french artist Zepha, looking out for his precious wall in Mar Mitr, Achrafieh, Beyrouth.

His graffiti says "Unité/وحدة" it means Unity, no need for more explanation

We can see the Lebanese flag slightly waving because he is tired and the artist himself lookin out for his piece of art, affraid to leave it alone, making sure there are no bombs or extremist around....

I will post more photos of this project in the few days to come, maybe, just maybe, it will help us survive our daily tragedies, make us smile a little bit more,



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